Campaign identity & design

A campaign aimed at highlighting awareness of rogue fly tippers and the fines faced if caught disposing of waste illegally.

The visual idea of this project is to showfly tipped objects within Kent scenery.The elements are illustrated and layered into photography of common dumping sites across the county.


Using illustrations allows the designs to be updated without the need to shoot new photographs. The images are paired with bold typography and hard hitting messages.


The campaign was launched in 2020 and consisted of a campaign logo and design collateral. An update to the campaign has just launched with new messaging and an evolution to the messaging and designs to give a point of difference. 


Above you can see some of the 2020 campaign materials, which differ in message, imagery and colour from the most recent collateral. 

The designs have been created as leaflets, banners, adverts, social media posts, face masks and posters.