Ninja Access
Brand and Website Design

I was originally asked to complete a branding project for Ninja Access back in 2017, the result of which you can see above. In December 2018 the client came back with a request for a new website design that would help them stand out from their competition.

The new website design is created using Wordpress and is designed using fluid shapes and waves to create movement whilst scrolling down the page. The navigation bar is a slide in menu that helps create a clean and clutter free design.

From the client:

Can I please say that the site looks amazing! I’m blown away by how slick it looks, how all the pictures and text slide in and overall it is better than I ever imagined. Honestly, I'm so pleased with it and now can’t wait to show it off and start some proper marketing to push the business on. Feel like I have a proper brand identity now, so thank you for that!

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